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Monster Decal Outline | 9”

Monster Decal Outline | 9”

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Custom Decal unlike any other monster Decals ..this decal is an outline of the Monster logo - therefore whatever surface you apply to, such as your window or a body panel, the body color will show around & through the decal.

- Superior top-rated vinyl Oracal651

- Made to the highest quality standards. Made in USA.

- Self-adhesive removable / but not reusable /without leaving a residue.

- Easy to Apply & Remove / Peel and stick with Transfer tape.

- Suitable for both indoor applications (7 yrs.) & outdoor (5 yrs.)

- Resistant to fading and waterproof material.


*** Your Decal Application Instructions & Care Guide ***

1.      Clean application surface and allow it to fully dry.

2.     On top of hard surface press down on transfer tape, decal, and backing paper with a credit card and smooth out. 

3.      Carefully peel away the paper backing from decal.

4.      Align the decal and press onto surface.

5.      Use a credit card to smooth decal onto surface, eliminate bubbles from the top down.

6.      Ensure decal is fully adhered. Slowly peel away transfer tape from top down.

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